The Nahum Foundation

Welcome to a place where learning meets opportunity – the Nahum Foundation. Here, we dream of a world where every child has the chance to explore their potential, discover their passions, and learn the skills they need to craft their own success story.

At, we've created a nurturing space powered by Moodle, designed to inspire and educate kids on their journey to economic independence and personal growth.

But to turn these dreams into reality, we need you. Your donations, your time, and your belief in our mission can pave the way for endless possibilities. Whether it's through a financial contribution or volunteering to share your expertise, your support makes you a part of each success story we help write. We are in the beginning stages of our journey, and we invite you.

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Empower dreams TOGETHER

Picture this: a world where every child's educational journey is filled with moments of discovery, joy, and empowerment. At the Nahum Foundation, we’re turning this vision into reality—one lesson, one smile at a time. And you can be a part of this beautiful journey. Whether through a donation or volunteering, your contribution weaves you into the fabric of a supportive community that believes in lifting each other up. Together, let's create endless opportunities for children to shine brighter.

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